Le Moulin Bleu is a traditional mill located in the Lanaudiere region sitting on the banks of the small St-Esprit river.Put at work at the end of the seigneurial regime by a grain miller who had faith in his work,knowing there would always be people to appreciate a healthy and natural food.

Untill 1977,the river provided the driving force necessary to turn the grinding stones.The electric motors relieved the gear train who know sleep beneath the mill,rocked by the sound of the falls from the damn.The turbines gave place to the engines but the grinding stone still turns with a reassuring humming sound at the heart of the mill.

Le Moulin Bleu has known to preserve the best of the old for it’s modern use.The combination of the old machinerie,the knowledge transmitted by our ancestors and the quality of grain give our flours an exceptional quality and flavour.

Eating well has become a priority for many.Our flours are ground by using a unique process.We produce whole flours by not using chemical agents or additives,simply the whole grain ground into fresh flours.

Thanks to passionate grain millers,the mill functions without interruption for more than 150 years.This trade transmitted from generation to generation by impassioned and inventive men,allow us to taste an authentic product.

The daily work of the grain miller,his personal observations and acquired knowledge have permitted through the years to develop a solid expertise.

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