Flours ground on millstones
and their uses

All flour ground on millstones are produced healthy grains(in transition towards biological agriculture).We buy our grains directly from the producers during harvest.

hole wheat bread flour contains about 90% of the ground grains wich confers great nutritive qualities to it,without however taking the consistency and coarser form of bread containing integral flour(100% of the groun grain).Whole wheat is largely used by bakers and also in several recipes of pizza dough and muffins.

iltered bread flour is for it’s part sieved in order to preserve only 80% of the ground grain.This more general purpose flour is an equivalent to the industries all-purpose flour.This flour gives a delicious taste to breads,baguettes,muffins,pizza dough,crepes as well as all your favorite recipes and creations.

hole wheat pastry flour is a result from the grinding of the tender wheat grain(soft wheat).This grain contains very little gluten,wich is necessary in planning,but contains more amidon (sugar).The use of pastry flours are many:pie crusts,sweet dough,muffins,cakes,cookies,sauces,etc…


Filtered pastry flour has the same characteristics as the whole wheat pastry flour,but will give you a lighter dough.

ulled wheat flour is obtained by the grinding of hulled wheat,one of the oldest varieties of wheat.Left aside by the industry because of it’s higher cost of exploitation,this variety of wheat remains unchanged(cultivars,hybrid and o.g.m.).Combined to it’s great resistance to insects and diseases,the hulled wheat has become a grain of predilection for biological agriculture.The hulled wheat contains gluten thus suitable for making bread,in addition to being rich in complex sugars,giving it a unique flavor.This flour is used in bakery,but also gives you very good muffins,cookies and even pasta products.

uckwheat flour is well known here in Quebec thanks to the wafer.Formaly cultivated in abundance,buckwheat is recognized has not being a very demanding plant wich makes it perfect for poor soil.Having a very pronounced and unique taste,it is used whole for the Breton pancakes,pancakes.Mixed with filtered flour,one makes of it muffins,cookies,cakes and pasta products.


Hulled barley


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